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Phrase-structure trees, first using the original X-bar theory, then using the modern DP approach: Examples of Noun Phrases Noun phrases are extremely common. The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.

What Are Noun Phrases? (with Examples)

Imagine you were standing in a bicycle shop, trying to buy a bike which was not out on display, but which was in Noun phrases catalogue which you had left Noun phrases home. The layered trees of many phrase structure grammars grant noun phrases an intricate structure that acknowledges a hierarchy of functional projections.

John's car is newer than the one that Bill has. For additional English writing tips and examples go to the following links.

In this sentence, the members of the collective noun team are acting in unison; Noun phrases officer is engaged in the same Noun phrases at the same time. Apart from the minimalist program, however, the DP hypothesis is rejected by most other modern theories of syntax and grammar, in part because these theories lack the relevant functional categories.

I want to buy the expensive, lightweight, red, 17" frame, Marin, women's, mountain bike. Syntactic function[ edit ] Noun phrases typically bear argument functions. The second tree assumes the DP hypothesis, namely that determiners rather than nouns serve as phrase heads.

Like any noun, a noun phrase can be a subjectan objector a complement. These are called postmodifiers. As to whether the string must contain at least two words, see the following section.

Drinks like water or coconut liquor also have classifier forms. It may also contain other modifiers. The subject noun phrase that is present in this sentence is long. What is a noun phrase? A countable noun or count noun names anything or anyone that you can count and is a noun with both a singular and a plural form.

Lucy therefore modified the term 'building' with the words Francis and Bancroft. Although the group is a single unit, it has more than one member. Godzilla didn't have to be such a pig; he could have eaten only one pizza, one delivery boy, and one car.

They allow you to pack a lot of information into a few words, a function which is extremely helpful when writing to a word count, or when trying to make a piece of writing concise. The Socialist International is a worldwide association of political parties.

Godzilla likes to think he's a person, is as big as a place, but qualifies as another thing. It is most often used with verbs of creating or nominating such as make, name, elect, paint or call. The words in bold are called phrases since they appear in the syntactic positions where multiple-word phrases i.

For example, if the members are acting as a unit—everyone doing the same thing at the same time—the collective noun is singular and requires singular verbs and pronouns. The Cultural and Social Anthropology Department The many aspects of the social lives of people around the world Sentence 5: In some accounts that take this approach, the constituent lacking the determiner — that called N-bar above — may be referred to as a noun phrase.

In English, determiners, adjectives and some adjective phrases and noun modifiers precede the head noun, whereas the heavier units — phrases and clauses — generally follow it. As to whether the string must contain at least two words, see the following section.

This analysis of noun phrases is widely referred to as the DP hypothesis.Noun Phrases. Often a noun phrase is just a noun or a pronoun.

People like to have money. I am tired. It is getting late. or a determiner and a noun. Our friends have bought a house in the. The Basic Structure of a Phrase: PHRASES PAGE 2/5: Phrases consist minimally of a Head.

This means that in a one-word phrase like [children], the Head longer phrases, a string of elements may appear before the Head. The Noun Phrase Recognize a noun phrase when you see one. A noun phrase includes a noun—a person, place, or thing—and the modifiers which distinguish it.

Types of Phrases

You can find the noun dog in a sentence, for example, but you don't know which canine the writer means until you consider the entire noun phrase: that dog, Aunt Audrey's dog, the dog on the sofa, the neighbor's dog that chases our cat. Note Noun Clauses, Noun Phrases, and Single Words Not all grammarians agree on the definitions of clauses and phrases.

For some, the term phrase covers everything. In other words, for them, a clause is a type of phrase, and a single word is just a short phrase. A noun phrase or nominal phrase (abbreviated NP) is a phrase that has a noun (or indefinite pronoun) as its head or performs the same grammatical function as such a phrase.

Noun phrases are very common cross-linguistically, and they may be the most frequently occurring phrase type. Noun phrases often function as verb subjects and objects, as predicative expressions, and as the complements of. Noun Phrase-a noun and any words in the sentence that modify it; words that can modify nouns include articles (a, an, the); adjectives; participles; and possessive pronouns A noun phrase can be a.

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Noun phrases
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