Inter ethnic crisis in nigeria possible solution

Nigerian citizens face a key challenge in holding their political representatives accountable, since decentralization reforms tend to be partial in nature, leading to the involvement of multiple tiers of government in the provision of public goods.

History, ideas and revolt.

Niger Clash Kills U.S. and Nigerien Troops

To resolve conflicts between the Oyomesi and the Alaafin and also to approve some decisions of the chiefs, there was a secret society called the Ogboni. Moreover, it needs to be mentioned that, as the crisis of capitalism deepens in Nigeria and a revolutionary situation develops in the future, the ruling elites will definitely toy with the idea of the SNC.

This paper also looks at the notion of Identity and how it explains the crisis of development and complexities in modern Nigeria.

A tripartite presidency was chosen and must have a Croat, a Serb, and a Bosniak. The government of India has strongly prevented any such congregation of LTTE--more particularly after the death of India's late Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, but all is not under control.

There is no way out of the prison house of poor wages, unemployment, ethnic clashes, etc. Patterns and mapping June May In fact, in the Hausa-Fulani North, religious identity is more pronounced than ethnic identity and only serves to stimulate ethnicity Osaghae and Suberu The Nigerian economy has been in a state of collapse since the late s through the 80s and the 90s, up till the present day.

To think about the power sharing aspect in a realistic way, who will be sharing the power? The instability and confusion of this region can only be understood by starting at the beginning of the story. As mentioned earlier, most of the violent conflicts today are caused by the divisions that exist in a pluralist society.

Sage Publications,p. Their identity as Nigerians lay in the shadow of their tribal and parochial allegiances. Moreover, the scholars of this school generally do not oppose the view that ethnic difference plays a part in many conflicts.

Ethnic conflict

The Case of Sri Lanka P. On the other hand, however, mobilisation of identity has been used to incite political groups to struggle and religious groups to legitimise wars and various modes of brutal and violent acts Alger Ethnic groups will consequently always threaten the survival of civil governments but not the existence of nations formed by one ethnic group.

National Question in Nigeria: If true, general explanations of ethnic violence would be impossible. Identity, institutions and democracy in Nigeria. European Journal of Social Sciences, 13 3pp. Moreover, the scholars of this school generally do not oppose the view that ethnic difference plays a part in many conflicts.

Indeed, it was noted, equality had become the very cause of the evils it was designed to eliminate. Troubles started in the second half of the century, and in spite of the prosperity during the s, it never fully recovered.

Their aim is to prevent the mass of workers and the poor layers from escaping from their common plight of impoverishment, towards forming a political bloc to fight the oppressive and corrupt ruling class.

Infor instance, amidst a general strike and food shortages that the British colonial authorities blamed on Igbo nationalist politicians, violence erupted in the mining town of Jos between Igbo and Hausa migrants over residential and trading opportunities in the city see Nnoli It enabled them to dispose of surpluses, make specialized objects available to a wide range of consumers, and share products of different ecological origins.

Nationalism and ethnic politics, 9 1pp.An ethnic conflict is a conflict between two or more contending ethnic the source of the conflict may be political, social, economic or religious, the individuals in conflict must expressly fight for their ethnic group's position within final criterion differentiates ethnic conflict from other forms of struggle.

Ethnic conflict does not necessarily have to be violent. Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria Thus, here it is possible to detect that stimulation of ethnic awareness easily turns into a conflict in order to get more from scarce societal resources.


And this situation provokes political tensions and cleavages among the ethnic groups. Inter-religious conflicts in Nigeria form part of the. Recent Developments and Possible Solutions in the Citizenship-Indigeneship Crisis in Nigeria,” in Joseph H.P.

Golwa and Ochinya O. Ojiji, Dialogue on Citizenship in Nigeria. Abuja: Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution. Pp political offices among the ethnic groups for a better inter-group relations, implementing past. Vanguard News Nigeria.

A Nigerian newspaper and Online version of the Vanguard, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Nigeria news, Niger delta, general national news, politics, business, energy.

Nigeria - Consultancy on the feasibility and creation of a strategy for the Maiduguri Inter-Agency Logistics Platform. Nigeria and Election Crises: Debating the Causes Dr.

M. M. Fadakinte Department of Political Science The problem of election crisis in Nigeria therefore, becomes an interesting and pertinent By far the most emphasized of the causes of political problems in Nigeria is ethnic problem or ethnicity, the argument that has been on since the.

Inter ethnic crisis in nigeria possible solution
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